Wednesday, May 15, 2013

The reinvention of VERSUS | VERSACE

Donatella Versace can do no wrong and she knows exactly where she wants to go with her fashion empire. Since the departure of Christopher Kane from Versace's sister line Versus in 2012, Queen Donatella announced that Versus future collections were going to be conceived by different designers. J. W. Anderson is the first one to collaborate with the italian brand. I'm looking forward to see the complete capsule line by J. W. Anderson, because I'm in love with the new creations that were revealed. I just want EVERYTHING. 

I love to hear Donatella Versace talking, she's so fascinating. 

Versace's soul is there with a little bit of a throwback-flavor mixed with fresh designs. Leather and graphic prints are obviously present. Some people may say that the British designer opted for a predictable path, but in my opinion he took a risk in a safe way (it may sound like a paradox but it's not!). Think timeless Versace signatures: leather, studs, safety pins and belt prints... it's all there! Clothes are youthful, bold, cutting edge and unisex (yes, there's a lot of androgyny that you may remember from the Fall/Winter 2013/14 creations of J. W. Anderson eponymous label) . It's all about attitude and I have to bow down because the collection is absolutely delicious. Sharp silhouettes and trendy garments... I personally love the belt print t-shirts! :)

Plus, Donatella also admitted that Versus is not gonna be divided into Fall/Winter and Spring/Summer, the brand is having seasonless collections. Why's that? Because the Queen knows that we're living in the 21st century and with internet we can see the collections in advance, so when it's Winter we desire the fresh new clothes from the Spring line and the other way round. For Donatella it doesn't make sense to create depending on other aspects but modernity and fashion itself.
"Versus is all about fun, change and digital." said Donatella Versace, who wants to embrace young talents and new communication platforms, in order to keep it current. Check some of the images below and see the lookbook here.


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