Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Discovering... Hien Le

During my fashion research all around the internet I discovered HIEN LE. The young designer was born in Laos (a country located on the west of Vietnam) but grew up in Berlin (Germany), where he's based. A couple of years after finishing his Fashion Design college degree, Hien Le started his eponymous brand. His first collection was Spring/Summer 2011 and it was presented in Berlin Fashion Week. It was followed by some great refined collections that gave Hien Le a well deserved recognition in the industry. His creations have been featured in several magazines and as soon as I discovered more about his work I had the urge to share it with all of you.

I selected my 10 favorite looks from Hien Le's Fall/Winter 2013-14 collection. 5 looks from the menswear line and another 5 looks from womenswear. The cuts are simple, the aesthetic is very sleek and sophisticated. There's a mix of fabrics, colors and textures. I love the way Hien played with knitwear and his chromatic options: from night blue to nude/beige. The lines are classic and fluid and my favorite pieces are the ones with that beautiful degrade fabric. To be honest I would totally see myself wearing those gorgeous pants or those stunning sweaters and shirts.
Women have a lot of options as well, everything's so elegant and comfy but sexy at the same time. Dresses, shorts, pants, gorgeous necklines and even warm jackets. Lovely! Furthermore, everything is absolutely cohesive and I really have to congratulate Hien Le for such good and detailed work. I had the pleasure to chat with him for a couple of minutes and he's a really down to earth young man with a clear genius vision. :)
Check my selection... and I hope you all like it!



I will definitely keep my eye on Hien Le's work and you all should visit his website - www.hien-le.com - to discover the designer's previous collections, they're utterly amazing!!! Besides, don't forget to like his facebook page as well - click here to visit it.

Monday, April 29, 2013

Carrera Icons // SS13

Não há dia em que saia de casa sem os meus óculos de sol. E porque é que são assim tão importantes? Porque eu tenho grande sensibilidade à luz e quer esteja imenso sol ou até dias mais nublados mas muito claros, eu preciso de os usar... e obviamente são um fashion statement!

As melhores propostas a nível de eyewear são apresentadas pela Carrera. A marca internacional criada em 1956 conjuga design, qualidade e inovação! E são precisamente esses 3 factores que eu procuro ao adquirir uns óculos. Para a estação Primavera/Verão 2013 a Carrera decidiu revitalizar clássicos e dar-lhes um toque contemporâneo. Vou partilhar 3 dos meus modelos preferidos... perfeitos para qualquer estilo e ocasião.

Estes óculos são um clássico. Intemporais. As linhas são simples mas estilizadas indo ao encontro de uma sobriedade estética e obviamente com lentes polarizadas. Os Carrera 80 são também aquele tipo de óculos de sol que fazem renascer o espírito das corridas de carros que estiveram na génese da marca. Funcionam na perfeição quer com um look clássico ou mais desportivo.
Por exemplo, Mark Vanderloo, um dos mais prestigiados top models masculinos dos anos 90, é um adepto dos Carrera 80. Épico.

(Credits: Pepino Marino Photographer)


Os Carrera Champion são, tal como dizem o nome, uns verdadeiros campeões dada a sua versatilidade e atitude. São uns óculos de sol com personalidade e uma das principais escolhas de muitas das celebridades do mundo da música... Rihanna, Britney Spears, Lady GaGa, Christina Aguilera, Usher, Alicia Keys, entre outros.

O design combina o tão icónico estilo aviador com armações coloridas e agora em borracha, para uma maior flexibilidade. Mostro-vos aqui uma das imagens da campanha que já devem ter visto espalhadas em anúncios nas paragens de autocarros e outdoors grandes, captada pelo fotógrafo alemão Markus Jans. Gosto imenso, são uns óculos que acima de tudo primam pela modernidade.

Eu já vos tinha falado o ano passado dos Carrera 6000: aqui, aqui e aqui. Este ano voltam a ser um modelo incontornável e claramente icónico. Inserem-se num estilo mais urbano, trendy e desportivo, o que me conquistou de imediato. Eu tenho o meu par e ando sempre com eles!
Para esta estação quente a Carrera decidiu apostar em novas combinações de cores, a textura aborrachada permanece assim como as linhas onduladas que caracterizam o modelo 6000. Os cromatismos são mais arrojados e ideais para alguém que goste de arriscar e fugir à banalidade e ao previsível.

Qual destes é o vosso modelo preferido? Contem-me tudo. :)

Saturday, April 27, 2013

[2XMODELS] Cesar Casier

You probably never met a male model that is also a chef. Yeah that's right! This time I'm gonna let you know about someone who was the face of Armani Exchange, Dsquared2, Antony Morato and Levi's Blue for instance, did a lot of editorials, walked for Dior Homme, John Galliano, Missoni among others. Besides, he's friend with Sean O'Pry and Chloë Sevigny and recently released his first cooking book. Let me introduce you...


Name: Cesar Casier

Date of birth: 14/07/1988

Nationality: I'm A PROUD BELGIAN!!
How did you start modeling? I got discovered on the street
Favorite brand? Dries van Noten, ACNE and Givenchy.

Do you have any special care with your body and nutrition? Yes! I try to eat as healthy as possible, workout, drink 2 liters of water a day and I don't smoke.
Any superstitions? Not walking under a ladder
What do you like the most about modeling? Traveling and the fact that everyday is another day.
What do you like the most about you? That I'm so driven in life.
If you could meet one person, dead or alive, who would that be? Julius Caesar

(Walking for John Galliano and Gianfranco Ferre)

(Walking for Dior Homme, Missoni, Trussardi and Yves Saint Laurent

(Walking for Canali, Iceberg, Hugo Boss and Etro)

Favorite movie? “Titanic”
What songs are playing on your iPod at the moment? Rihanna, Tupac and Kanye West. 
Favorite book? “Model Kitchen”, the book that I wrote. 
Favorite drink? Frozen margaritas. 
Favorite dish? Too many... 
What annoys you the most? Slow walkers!

If a genie gave you three wishes what would they be? 
- That it's always sunny and nice out
side - That I could buy whatever I wanted
 - That the world would be in peace 

The most beautiful place you’ve been? Bali

Guilty pleasure? Scones and caramel popcorn
You can’t live without…? My friends
The worst misconception about models? That we're stupid

Tell me something most of the people don’t know about you: Not telling you, I like to keep that a secret!!! 

One thing you want to do before you're 30: I always wanted to publish a book, but I accomplished that this year... So maybe make a club hit?
Currently you're obsessed about: Spinning class
What do you want to accomplish as a model? I wanna become the face of a fragrance!

I want to thank Cesar Casier for this great interview and I want you tell you all that you can follow him on Instagram: @ceesie or Twitter: @cesarcasier and you can also visit his blog "You Know You Can't Rome Without Cesar"www.thecesarsalad.blogspot.com. Hope you like it :)

Thursday, April 25, 2013

The Vogue Gatsby

F. Scott Fitzgerald's novel "The Great Gatsby" is going 3D on the big screen thanks to Baz Luhrmann (who directed masterpieces such as "Moulin Rouge", "Romeo + Juliet" and "Australia"). I have a couple of things to say about this movie starred by Leonardo DiCaprio and Carey Mulligan, but before that we must appreciate an amazing editorial with miss Mulligan herself, who covers the May issue of US Vogue.

The british actress was photographed by the legendary Mario Testino, wearing gorgeous 1920's inspired looks. The styling was made by Grace Coddington that tried to capture the environment of the soon-to-be blockbuster of the season. Carey Mulligan is one of my faves, for sure. I'm still amazed by her role on the Oscar nominated movie "An Education", which is one of my all time favorites. She's stunning and classy and this editorial is just the perfect proof of those qualities. Besides, she has a simple kind of beauty, not an arrogant one, but a naïve one. 
The roaring twenties (aka the crazy years) is one of those fascinating decades in terms of contemporary history and fashion as well. Women had a style transition since the dressing codes changed, traditions were broken and modernity started its domination. The music was frenetic and NY, New Orleans, Chicago, Los Angeles, Paris, London and Berlin were the metropolitan centers where it all begun.

That energy was toned down a bit for this photoshoot, whith some melancholic, mysterious and cute portraits of Queen Mulligan. The gowns and the hair are just flawless. See for yourself...

Check out the making of...

One of the most important things from the movie is the Costume Design. "The Great Gatsby" has clothes with Prada's signature. You can see above some of the incredible sketches that Miuccia Prada revealed. The italian brand worked with costume designer Catherine Martin to create over 40 looks for the movie, each one inspired by styles from the Prada and Miu Miu archives. More than a cinematic piece, "The Great Gatsby" is a fashion document as well.

"Our collaboration with Prada recalls the European flair that was emerging amongst the aristocratic East Coast crowds in the Twenties. The fashions of the time saw the development of a dichotomy between those who aspired to the privileged, Ivy League look of wealthy Long Island and those who were aspiring to European glamour, sophistication and decadence." - Catherine Martin

Prada and Baz Luhrmann have worked together before, creating Leonardo DiCaprio's suit in the director's 1996 film version of "Romeo + Juliet". Now let's skip to another section of this post... but first let's see the uh-mazing trailer of "The Great Gatsby".


1) Leonardo DiCaprio should've won at least one Oscar by now... and he needs to achieve something with this outstanding performance. Seriously. It's scandalous... 

2) Carey Mulligan is basically slaying everybody's faves with her beauty and she looks adorable next to Leo. The 20's style fits her perfectly.

3) The trailer gave me chills when I was watching it. It's a literary classic coming alive through technology, good music and great fashion. Can't wait to watch it!

4) The soundtrack is a remarkable piece of good music with some of my favorite artists: The XX, Lana Del Rey, Florence + The Machine and Fergie.

5) Jay-Z produced the soundtrack and guess what? His wifey Beyonce gives a little contribution with an urban version of Queen Amy Winehouse's timeless classic "Back To Black". Beywolf totally destroyed the song tbh. You can hear it in the beginning of the trailer... it's just awful. The instrumental sounds pretty good though but not for Amy's masterpiece.

6) Lana Del Rey served some epicness with the rendition of a new song called "Young and Beautiful". It sounds perfect in my opinion... the lyrics are so emotional and deep. Poetry!!!

7) Florence + The Machine delivered another gorgeous gem with "Over The Love". It's a total eargasm and you can hear it at the end of the trailer. Florence's voice is just flawless.

8) Jack White, Bryan Ferry, Will.I.Am, Gotye and Sia are also some of the big names on the soundtrack. Can't wait to hear their songs as well. All of the tracks have the jazzy vibe from the 20's but at the same time a modern hip-hop twist. A really interesting experimental project.

9) Tobey Maguire and my super duper fave Isla Fisher (who doesn't remember Rebecca Bloomwood from "Confessions of a Shopaholic"???!) are also part of the cast. Yey!

10) I promise this is the last thing I'm gonna say in this gigantic post... but for all those fashion nerds and enthusiasts (like me) out there this is major news: female model Gemma Ward has a little part on the movie. Probably just like Cara Delevingne's role on "Anna Karenina"... 2 seconds only... but who cares?!?! It's Gemma fucking Ward - legendary shizzzz, bitches, bow down! (Check a picture of her on the set of the movie here... reports say she plays a mistress. Awesome!)

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Absolut Elyx - Inside Magnética

Esta semana a Absolut Elyx Magazine debruçou-se sobre o projecto português Magnética Magazine. A publicação online começou há cerca de 4 anos e meio e tornou-se a primeira revista portuguesa online, pioneira na plataforma e nos conteúdos apresentados aos leitores.

A evolução foi natural e a área de foco é predominantemente a cultura urbana, envolvendo design, arquitectura, arte, moda, entre outros. As actualizações diárias, a qualidade da informação associadas a uma imagem apelativa, pautaram o sucesso desta proposta que cresce de dia para dia. O objectivo inicial foi falar de forma global e aberta sobre temas e individualidades até então só associadas a nichos. Desafio superado. Um dos mentores da Magnética fala sobre artistas que hoje são reconhecidos e que começaram a ser divulgados ou a trabalhar com a revista em si. Vejam o vídeo...

Pessoalmente eu já conhecia o projecto e sou visitante assíduo. Acho que existe também uma forte relação com o leitor, uma dinâmica com bloggers e produção de conteúdos exclusivos e inéditos, dos quais podem ver pequenos excertos neste vídeo.

Sem dúvida um projecto ABSOLUTamente fascinante! 
Se não conhecem... visitem a revista em www.magneticamagazine.com e também as actualizações na página de facebook aqui. Na próxima semana, vou partilhar com vocês mais uma reportagem da Absolut Elyx Magazine. Fiquem atentos. Por enquanto vou ali beber o meu shot e relaxar um pouco. Amanhã é feriado!!!

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Music roundup #2

Luisa Sobral "There's A Flower In My Bedroom"

Lembro-me perfeitamente de estar no recreio e ver a Luísa Sobral... ela era mais velha e andava no mesmo colégio que eu. Foi precisamente por essa vaga lembrança que a reconheci quando participou no programa Ídolos. Parece que aconteceu tudo tão de repente e agora ela já está a lançar o segundo álbum.
"There's A Flower In My Bedroom" mostra o amadurecimento artístico da Luísa enquanto artista e intérprete. Se o álbum de estreia traçava um percurso, este segundo trabalho não só o confirma como também apura a sonoridade jazz/folk de uma forma sofisticada e com o cunho marcante da Luísa Sobral. O timbre e tom de voz encaixam lindamente em melodias simpáticas e primaveris. A abertura é perfeita com "I Was In Paris Today", quase como que a acolher o ouvinte e prossegue durante  uma viagem de 17 faixas distintas, onde a Luísa salta entre o inglês e o português... ou até no espanhol em "Cuantas Veces". O single de apresentação é "Mom Says".

A voz delicada da Luísa é tão reconfortante e destaca-se quer nas músicas mais acústicas quer nas mais jazz, nota-se uma clara coesão sonora muito mais desenvolvida e de certa forma orquestrada, com mais layers. "Japanese Rose", "As The Night Comes Along", "What Do You See In Lily?" ou até a colaboração com Jamie Cullum "She Walked Down The Aisle" são favoritas instantâneas. Admito que, ao ouvir o disco, me vieram à mente imagens de uma solarenga Paris, de um romantismo silly, ingénuo, infantil e acima de tudo genuíno. Uma colecção de estórias envolvente e que agradam certamente ao ouvinte mais exigente. "There's A Flower In My Bedroom" conta também com a participação de 2 músicos portugueses de peso, António Zambujo e Mário Laginha, e caracteriza-se por ser um álbum com muita personalidade e vida própria. Orgulho-me de saber que a Luísa é um talento português, almeja os mercados nacional e internacional e tem a qualidade mais do que necessária para cumprir esse objectivo.  Imagino que isso lhe vai dar asas para que, num próximo disco, abra a janela do tal quarto e saia à procura de novas flores e de novas cerejas para, quiçá, fazer um novo bolo e surpreender mais uma vez. Portugal está conquistado e digo isto porque no outro dia passeava pela FNAC e vi que o CD da Luísa Sobral estava em #1. Merecido.

Bridgit Mendler "Hello My Name Is..."

Para muitos de vocês este nome pode não ser familiar mas os amantes da Disney conhecem de certeza. Bridgit Mendler é a protagonista da série "Good Luck Charlie" e como quase todas as starlets da Disney também decidiu lançar um álbum de música para provar que pertence à geração da versatilidade, triple threat! Devo dizer que a Bridgit até se safa muito bem. É um disco 100% pop, sem pretensões, muito genérico mas in a very good way. "Ready Or Not" (ADORO!!!!!!!) é o single que provavelmente já devem ter ouvido nas rádios, pelo menos eu já tinha ouvido diversas vezes, e acreditem quando vos digo que a música fica mesmo no ouvido e depois não conseguimos parar de cantar o refrão. Confiram o vídeo aqui, uma música perfeita para o Verão.
Entretanto, Bridgit Mendler lançou o segundo single "Hurricane". A canção tem uma batida pop upbeat, com versos meio rappados à semelhança da Ke$ha ou até da Cher Lloyd.

"Forgot To Laugh", "Top Of The World" e "Rocks At My Window" são as minhas faixas favoritas, embora goste de todo o CD, que é bastante comercial e catchy. É um album teen, fresco e perfeito para ouvir na praia, na piscina, no carro ou a passear com imenso sol, sempre! :) Quando clicarem play e soarem os primeiros acordes, irão perceber o que vos estou a dizer.
O momento mais introspectivo surge com a balada "Hold On For Dear Love", que encerra o álbum de apresentação de Bridgit Mendler. Ficamos a conhecer mais do que o nome da actriz e cantora, somos introduzidos a uma voz cristalina e limpa, em momentos chega a aproximar-se do registo da Demi Lovato. Eu fiquei surpreso, admito!
A produção ficou maioritariamente a cargo de Emanuel "Eman" Kiriakou que havia trabalhado anteriormente com artistas como Whitney Houston, Backstreet Boys, Vanessa Hudgens e Selena Gomez. O meu veredicto: excelente álbum... se estão aborrecidos e vos apetece um pouco de animação, com letras não muito intensas nem melodramáticas, então "Hello My Name Is..." é a escolha ideal. 

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Absolut Elyx e a arte de Vasco Araújo

Nas minhas pesquisas online, descobri este vídeo curto mas muito conciso sobre como se cria o Absolut Elyx. Como já vos tinha dito noutras vezes, o método é muito artesanal e cuidadoso para que o resultado seja um vodka saboroso e premium. Existe substância mas também existe estilo e refinamento nos métodos e práticas de criação. Tudo é tão manual e meticuloso... quase me deu a ideia de que é feito por máquinas com um obsessive compulsive disorder. Ahahah

A produção de cada lote de Absolut Elyx é feita de acordo com os padrões intransigentes do destilador mestre e dos seus especialistas sensoriais, que provam e aprovam cada lote antes dele ser engarrafado. Juro-vos que chega a ser fascinante e se virem o vídeo percebem do que estou a falar!

Agora, quero mostrar-vos a nova reportagem da Absolut Elyx Magazine que esta semana se debruçou sobre o mundo simbólico do artista plástico Vasco Araújo

A abordagem de Vasco Araújo é bastante vanguardista e precisa perceber-se o contexto para compreender o que o artista pretende transmitir. Se quiserem conhecer mais trabalhos podem visitar o site oficial - http://www.vascoaraujo.org/ - vale muito a pena ver o quão transdisciplinar é a arte de Vasco Araújo. :)

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Rebel without a pause

Sean 'King of the World' O'Pry is flawless and everyone knows that. Everything he does is incredible, his face is beyond iconic, which is why he's the number 1 male model in the world. It's impossible not to love his work, since Sean always delivers his best at every single photoshoot. That's probably why GQ Style decided to feature Sean O'Pry in an editorial based on James Dean's timeless classic "Rebel Without A Cause". These images, captured by Guy Aroch, are extremely amazing and I would be hard to please because James Dean is my ultimate inspirational icon. However, Sean got the vibe and even though I don't think anyone can ever reach James Dean's legendary level, the north-american model surprised me. His eyes, bone structure and perfect nose create symmetric facial lines, just like a realistic drawing. I loved the result... suddenly I felt like I was in the 50's watching stills from the movie. 

Check out some images of James Dean, that came to my mind while I was seeing Sean's editorial. :) It's so nice to know that my favorite model is representing my idol the best way. Hope you like it!

Mid season inspiration

Once in a while I like to share some pictures that inspire me. Tommy Ton is a specialist when it comes to capture the best moments and details of streetstyle. His vision is so refined and the quality is outstanding. I reunited some of my favorite shots and I hope you like them. Anna Wintour, Jeremy Scott, Nike, Chanel, Hanne Gaby Odiele, Louis Vuitton... sneakers, stripes, patterns... a mix of class with sportswear is a great option for this mid-season.

You can check more amazing photos at JAK & JILL or visit my facebook blog page where I usually post several pictures too. Have a nice week! :) 

Friday, April 12, 2013


My love for Cara Delevingne is just endless. If I could meet her I would handcuff myself to her for the rest of my life. I'm dead serious. #Insane

Interview magazine did a flawless shoot, captured by Peter Lindbergh, and sat down with the model of the millennium (I love being hyperbolic) for a chit chat. The New York based writer, artist and curator David Colman did a great job with really interesting questions and miss Delevingne delivered her genuine self through funny answers. Kept on laughing while reading all of if. That's the reason why I HAD to share this because probably some of you didn't know about it and it's scandalous if you don't melt yourself watching eyecandy Cara in a glamorous, adult way. Unforgettable. Check out the article too so that you can know a little more about her aristocratic background and how does she feel about modeling and her future.

"Last November, Cara Delevingne was named model of the year at the British Fashion Awards—and the prize was well earned. She's been photographed by Mario Testino for the cover of British Vogue; she's appeared in ad campaigns for Chanel, Burberry, and H&M, among others; and she seems to have landed on every runway in New York, London, Milan, and Paris during the recent fashion season.

But the title hardly seems sufficient for the many moods and manifestations of Cara Delevingne. Yes, she has a "look"—those eyes, that lip-o-licious mouth, and the most famous eyebrows since Groucho Marx. Then there's her background: her aristo lineage (described by the Daily Mail as "pure Chelsea posh"); her colorful mother, Pandora, a personal shopper for Selfridges; her father, Charles, a handsome man about town; and her older sister Poppy, also a successful model. And, to top it all off, there's her well-known punch of personality—witty, whimsical, and charmingly unpredictable. So what if she's 45 minutes late? She gives you 5,000 percent when she gets there (and like the best designers, Delevingne gives what you want before you even know you wanted it).

While the 20-year-old self-described tomboy was amazed by her sudden rocket into the heart of the fashion universe (not to mention by just how tough all that runway walking can be), she is setting her sights on other stars—acting, making music, inventing, Nobel Prizes—as long as there's plenty of goofing off to be done along the way."

DAVID COLMAN: So you're in Paris. You did New York and you did Milan and now you're doing Paris. 
CARA DELEVINGNE: New York and then London and then Milan, yeah. 

COLMAN: You've been walking a lot. 
DELEVINGNE: Left foot, right foot, left foot, right foot . . . That's all that's on my mind at the moment, just walking—it's mad. This modeling thing, it's pretty easy, but actually it's also really tough. I mean, this has been really tough. That's the most embarrassing thing about it, like, "This walking thing is crazy." [laughs] 

COLMAN: Tell me what makes it so hard.
DELEVINGNE: I think when I started modeling three years ago, it was just a job, and I was so excited—everything was so new, so crazy. I didn't overthink anything; I just did it and enjoyed myself along the way. But after a few seasons, you get used to it, and there's a lot you actually have to think about, and, I don't know, it just makes you much more aware of what you look like and what other people think. It's a bit of a nightmare.

COLMAN: I was looking at the list of shows, and you've been in, like, every one! Which is obviously impossible, but you've already done 40 shows this season.
DELEVINGNE: Even if I'm exhausted, I always try to go into a show with a smile on my face. It's always good to try and bring the energy up. If I'm in a bad mood, people are going to act bad. The energy you give off is the energy you receive. I really think that, so I'm always myself—jumping, dancing, singing around, trying to cheer everybody up.

COLMAN: [laughs] Will you marry me?
DELEVINGNE: I'll have to think about that. I'm actually taken at the moment . . . No, I'm joking.

COLMAN: Definitely give it some thought before you answer. No, but that kind of person is the nicest person to have around.
DELEVINGNE: I'd like to say yes. Now that I'm thinking about it . . . [laughs] Now I'm taking it back. Okay. Maybe we'll Skype first before diving into a relationship.

COLMAN: So now you're on the cover of British Vogue for the second time.
DELEVINGNE: Second time? This is my first and I'm already chuffed enough.

COLMAN: I've gotten confused with all your accomplishments.
DELEVINGNE: I know, yeah, it's pretty crazy. I always forget that I'm 20 years old—it's kind of mad. No, but this month has been amazing: the cover of Love and the cover of BritishVogue, with two of three of the most amazing photographers, in my opinion. Yeah, unbelievable.

COLMAN: Who shot the Vogue photos?
DELEVINGNE: Mario Testino shot Vogue and Mert [Alas] and Marcus [Piggott] did Love.

COLMAN: You shoot with Mario a lot for Burberry.
DELEVINGNE: Yeah. The first campaign I did was Burberry, and that was Mario. We have a very, very close relationship. Every time I go on holiday, we seem to have the same schedule. We seem to go to the same places, whether that's Brazil or Ibiza. And so I always stay with him for a little bit. He's like my fashion papa.

COLMAN: You need that, probably, at your age, because I'm sure it's very overwhelming.
DELEVINGNE: Definitely. I've made so many amazing friends with people who work in the industry. More photographers and the stylist-y people who work on set than the models, because they're such incredible people and they've experienced so much. This is, I think, the craziest industry. I mean, I love it. The fashion industry is like a big, fucked-up dysfunctional family, but everyone's mad and amazing, and everyone's so different. If you take the time to meet the people and learn about them, it's so interesting. All of the stories...

COLMAN: You grew up in it a bit, right?
DELEVINGNE: To be honest, I don't really feel like I did. My parents weren't really in fashion—they were very social people and had really amazing friends, but, you know, I was very much in my own world. I was into playing Legos and running around naked and running around in my garden and playing with my animals. I had no interest in fashion when I was younger. I was such a tomboy. I loved soccer, as you call it, or sports in general. The first time I was a bridesmaid, to my auntie, I refused to go down the aisle without my football shorts underneath my dress. My mum would try to dress me up in dresses and I hated it! My sisters were both very girly, so I was just really not into clothes. It took me a long time to try to wear clothes; I used to go into the supermarket and take off all my clothes and run away from my mom because I thought it was funny. I was very that kind of child.

COLMAN: [laughs] That's great.
DELEVINGNE: And I was like that up until I was 13 years old, so my first experiences with fashion were dressing up. It was always about fantasy for me. Dressing up as characters... I always thought that's what clothes were—that they would make you into the person you wanted to be. I'm an actress, so I love to act, and I think that's one of the most important things—the thing that makes you feel like another person.

COLMAN: It's amazing when you think about it: the power that clothes have is kind of shocking, because they really do feel like they can change you.
DELEVINGNE: That's what I always try to do in my shows—look for the idea of a collection and what the designer wants that girl to portray. I always have that in my mind: What am I going out looking to do? I'm always trying to feel it, make it natural and real. And sometimes that can be bad. Like, for instance, the H&M show I just did in Paris—it was set in an apartment, and George Cortina and all those guys were like, "Pretend you're in your house; be yourself, be crazy." So I did the show—I was laughing, I went up to people, gave them a kiss on the cheek, grabbed flowers out of the vase, threw them at the photographers, spun around, just fun stuff—and then watching the video back, no one else was doing that, so it was just me!

COLMAN: Do you want to be an actress?
DELEVINGNE: That's what I've wanted to do my whole life, just act. When I was younger, I loved to entertain people. I always used to make up dance routines, do little plays. I love to perform, basically. Music, as well, is a passion of mine. I've been singing my whole life. I probably annoy people because I sing all the time on the streets. And I play the drums and I play the guitar. I've been writing music since I was 13.

COLMAN: Do you feel like modeling is something that you kind of fell into? I mean, your sister [Poppy] does it too . . .
DELEVINGNE: I wouldn't say I fell into it, because I was a lot luckier than that. Obviously I'm very lucky to have had my sister do it and for my sister to have had the connections. But I think, yeah, the way it took off, I did not expect. It was definitely not a ripple in my mind. I just never thought it was going to happen like this. I'm just here and I'm having fun and I'm trying to smile and not think about it too much. That's the hardest thing in life. I think about things way too much. Ignorance is totally bliss.

COLMAN: But I think at some point all of it makes sense, and you're like, "Oh, well, I'm glad I thought about it all these years."
DELEVINGNE: I'm not that kind of thinker, though. I don't do that kind of thinking. I just spiral. I'm a spiraler.

COLMAN: Do you still play soccer—or football?
DELEVINGNE: God, yeah. It's like if I go home and it's the summertime and I'm with all my friends and we're sitting in a park and someone's playing football, I'm totally there. I find that fun, to be playing with the boys in the mud and that kind of stuff. I'm still a tomboy. I mean, I obviously dress it up slightly more, but when I'm just me, I'm still very casual. I love comfort. Comfort is very key to me because I spend most of my time in very uncomfortable things, so it's all about trainers and flats. On a shoot, if they're like, "Play around a bit," I'm going to be climbing on top of things and jumping off, and people are going to be trying to stop me, like, "You mucked this up," and, "You're going to hurt yourself," while I'm flying around in heels, just being crazy.

COLMAN: That's good. I think the world needs more people like you.
DELEVINGNE: Great! Oh, my god, I'm still trying to go for a Nobel Peace Prize, so that helps me there.

COLMAN: You might have to wait for your thirties or forties for that one. 
DELEVINGNE: I'm aiming for an Oscar, a Grammy, and a Nobel Peace Prize. And maybe Prime Minister.

COLMAN: There you go. That's gonna take some time, too. Maybe your late twenties for that. So can you think of anything I should ask you?
DELEVINGNE: Hmm . . . Are my eyebrows real? No, they're not. It's a wig. [Colman laughs] It's a transplant. I had an eyebrow transplant.

COLMAN: They are kind of magnificent eyebrows.
DELEVINGNE: People ask me, "What's your secret?" And I'm like, "You just don't pluck them. It's really simple." I mean, I do, obviously, a little bit, because otherwise I'd have a monobrow, but it's just about keeping them wild, keeping them free and woolly.

COLMAN: So you are your eyebrows: wild and free.
DELEVINGNE: Yeah, they have their own Twitter account with more than 700,000 followers.

COLMAN: [laughs] I've heard that. That's very nice.
DELEVINGNE: They have their own passport too.

COLMAN: What questions do people ask you that make you crazy?
DELEVINGNE: "What is your fail-safe fashion item?" I don't know, it's just those questions that you've done so many times you're just like, I'm repeating what I'm saying. I can't handle it. It's so boring. I'm so bored of looking at my face; it's an issue as well. I don't know what I'm going to do. I should change something. Get in trouble or something like that . . .

COLMAN: I read that you trademarked your name.
DELEVINGNE: I did trademark my name! Because people try to steal that shit, and I can't be bothered to pay money to people like that. I mean, I'm really interested in doing my own onesie line or making some sort of—

COLMAN: Your own what line?
DELEVINGNE: You know, onesies? Like a jumpsuit. I have really good ideas. There's a lot I want to do. Maybe a line of—I don't know—toothbrushes, anything . . . Who the hell knows? I've got ideas. I used to want to invent things. That's all I'd do, invent stuff.

It's impossible not to love Cara. Hope you laughed as much as I did when I read this interview and the pictures are divine, loved the fact that she was brave enough to show a little nipple here and there. It's sexy, classy, intense. I should also refer the outstanding styling by Karl Templer. :)