Thursday, April 25, 2013

The Vogue Gatsby

F. Scott Fitzgerald's novel "The Great Gatsby" is going 3D on the big screen thanks to Baz Luhrmann (who directed masterpieces such as "Moulin Rouge", "Romeo + Juliet" and "Australia"). I have a couple of things to say about this movie starred by Leonardo DiCaprio and Carey Mulligan, but before that we must appreciate an amazing editorial with miss Mulligan herself, who covers the May issue of US Vogue.

The british actress was photographed by the legendary Mario Testino, wearing gorgeous 1920's inspired looks. The styling was made by Grace Coddington that tried to capture the environment of the soon-to-be blockbuster of the season. Carey Mulligan is one of my faves, for sure. I'm still amazed by her role on the Oscar nominated movie "An Education", which is one of my all time favorites. She's stunning and classy and this editorial is just the perfect proof of those qualities. Besides, she has a simple kind of beauty, not an arrogant one, but a naïve one. 
The roaring twenties (aka the crazy years) is one of those fascinating decades in terms of contemporary history and fashion as well. Women had a style transition since the dressing codes changed, traditions were broken and modernity started its domination. The music was frenetic and NY, New Orleans, Chicago, Los Angeles, Paris, London and Berlin were the metropolitan centers where it all begun.

That energy was toned down a bit for this photoshoot, whith some melancholic, mysterious and cute portraits of Queen Mulligan. The gowns and the hair are just flawless. See for yourself...

Check out the making of...

One of the most important things from the movie is the Costume Design. "The Great Gatsby" has clothes with Prada's signature. You can see above some of the incredible sketches that Miuccia Prada revealed. The italian brand worked with costume designer Catherine Martin to create over 40 looks for the movie, each one inspired by styles from the Prada and Miu Miu archives. More than a cinematic piece, "The Great Gatsby" is a fashion document as well.

"Our collaboration with Prada recalls the European flair that was emerging amongst the aristocratic East Coast crowds in the Twenties. The fashions of the time saw the development of a dichotomy between those who aspired to the privileged, Ivy League look of wealthy Long Island and those who were aspiring to European glamour, sophistication and decadence." - Catherine Martin

Prada and Baz Luhrmann have worked together before, creating Leonardo DiCaprio's suit in the director's 1996 film version of "Romeo + Juliet". Now let's skip to another section of this post... but first let's see the uh-mazing trailer of "The Great Gatsby".


1) Leonardo DiCaprio should've won at least one Oscar by now... and he needs to achieve something with this outstanding performance. Seriously. It's scandalous... 

2) Carey Mulligan is basically slaying everybody's faves with her beauty and she looks adorable next to Leo. The 20's style fits her perfectly.

3) The trailer gave me chills when I was watching it. It's a literary classic coming alive through technology, good music and great fashion. Can't wait to watch it!

4) The soundtrack is a remarkable piece of good music with some of my favorite artists: The XX, Lana Del Rey, Florence + The Machine and Fergie.

5) Jay-Z produced the soundtrack and guess what? His wifey Beyonce gives a little contribution with an urban version of Queen Amy Winehouse's timeless classic "Back To Black". Beywolf totally destroyed the song tbh. You can hear it in the beginning of the trailer... it's just awful. The instrumental sounds pretty good though but not for Amy's masterpiece.

6) Lana Del Rey served some epicness with the rendition of a new song called "Young and Beautiful". It sounds perfect in my opinion... the lyrics are so emotional and deep. Poetry!!!

7) Florence + The Machine delivered another gorgeous gem with "Over The Love". It's a total eargasm and you can hear it at the end of the trailer. Florence's voice is just flawless.

8) Jack White, Bryan Ferry, Will.I.Am, Gotye and Sia are also some of the big names on the soundtrack. Can't wait to hear their songs as well. All of the tracks have the jazzy vibe from the 20's but at the same time a modern hip-hop twist. A really interesting experimental project.

9) Tobey Maguire and my super duper fave Isla Fisher (who doesn't remember Rebecca Bloomwood from "Confessions of a Shopaholic"???!) are also part of the cast. Yey!

10) I promise this is the last thing I'm gonna say in this gigantic post... but for all those fashion nerds and enthusiasts (like me) out there this is major news: female model Gemma Ward has a little part on the movie. Probably just like Cara Delevingne's role on "Anna Karenina"... 2 seconds only... but who cares?!?! It's Gemma fucking Ward - legendary shizzzz, bitches, bow down! (Check a picture of her on the set of the movie here... reports say she plays a mistress. Awesome!)

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