Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Rebel without a pause

Sean 'King of the World' O'Pry is flawless and everyone knows that. Everything he does is incredible, his face is beyond iconic, which is why he's the number 1 male model in the world. It's impossible not to love his work, since Sean always delivers his best at every single photoshoot. That's probably why GQ Style decided to feature Sean O'Pry in an editorial based on James Dean's timeless classic "Rebel Without A Cause". These images, captured by Guy Aroch, are extremely amazing and I would be hard to please because James Dean is my ultimate inspirational icon. However, Sean got the vibe and even though I don't think anyone can ever reach James Dean's legendary level, the north-american model surprised me. His eyes, bone structure and perfect nose create symmetric facial lines, just like a realistic drawing. I loved the result... suddenly I felt like I was in the 50's watching stills from the movie. 

Check out some images of James Dean, that came to my mind while I was seeing Sean's editorial. :) It's so nice to know that my favorite model is representing my idol the best way. Hope you like it!


Jonthegold said...

hey your blog looks awsum again....
I just love the pictures, all of them :-)

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Unknown said...

Que buenas fotos, me encanta James Dean!!! Besotes desde