Tuesday, May 7, 2013

MET Gala 2013 - the best red carpet looks


Cara Delevingne
My baby girl Cara Delevingne was absolutely incredible. This year the theme of the MET exhibition was "Punk: chaos to couture" and Cara was totally into the concept, wearing a Burberry Prorsum dress with spikes. (Wait... Burberry? Holy crap, Burberry does punk??? Yeah, extra credit to Cara for pulling off punk perfection in one of the most historically conservative labels of all time.) I think she nailed the whole red carpet and established herself as a fashion icon. Miss Delevingne was classy but her rings, necklace, nails, hair and make up were really punk-ish. She always delivers the best attitude. BOW DOWN BITCHES, Cara Delevingne is now Queen of the World. Deal with it.

Miley Cyrus
This. This. THIS! OMG this. Red carpet go-ers, you have all been schooled by a former Disney star! First of all, Miley Cyrus is rocking a killer body and her short bleached hair. She's not playing safe, she's going edgy and taking her image to a brand new level that your faves wish they could, am I right?! Yeah, I know I am. Besides that, Queen Cyrus wore a Marc Jacobs long dress, it was quite simple and very very punk-rock. Her hair was a statement y'all. She's not Hannah Montana anymore, she has her own personality and she can do whatever she wantssss. It's more than obvious that a lot of people will hate, but she slayed my existence. She served FIERCENESS!!!!! When will your faves be this daring? Nevaaaaah.

Kristen Stewart
I usually love people that everyone hate. Yeah, Kristen Stewart is one of them. I will always stan for her no matter what, but I admit when my gurl does the wrong choices, which is not the case. For this years Costume Institute Gala at The Metropolitan Museum of Art, K-Stew chose a burgundy Stella McCartney jumpsuit. It was sleek, extremely classy and not a predictable choice. I expected her to rock another Balenciaga ensemble but I'm really glad she didn't. However, she was not very into the Punk theme. Her heels had some little spikes on the back but that was it. Anyway, she murdered all your faves tbh. The embroidery of the jumpsuit was stunning, I'm amazed how Kristen effortlessly pulls off every kind of look. Well done, baby!

Donatella Versace
She's a true lady. The all time DIVA! And the legitimate Empress of Fashion. Donatella Versace can do no wrong, she's always at her best and she doesn't even care about the age. Honestly, I'm a Donatella worshiper because her geniusness slays me. Versace FW13/14 collection was punk-rock inspired and of course Donatella wore a sexy look from the collection. The accessories are over the top, all of those spikes and studs slayed my soul. WERKKKK! She was 200% into the theme of the MET Gala, yet stylish, hawt, age appropriate, flawless... basically she was perfect. Praise Queen Donatella!

Nicki Minaj is creating a serious look for herself lately, that's why she chose this midnight blue gown by Tommy Hilfiger. The cutouts in the midriff are sexy and daring and the cruly hair gives some life to the whole look. It's definitely not punk, but it's a little glam-rock in my opinion. Thumbs up for miss Minaj!

Carey Mulligan is pretty safe in a Balenciaga dress by Alexander Wang. However, the silhouette is really flattering and she looks so fragile and perfect like a china doll. Again, not punk but I loved it.

Taylor Swift has been slaying me even if I don't like to admit. For the MET Gala the country singer opted for a J. Mendel dress, a really cute one with crystals and details on the shoulders. It's dark but it's still far from punk.

Dakota Fanning attended the MET Gala in a Rodarte dress. The young actress stepped up her game and delivered a sexy-but-innocent look with some transparencies and a fine cleavage. The back had some little details forming angels' wings but overall the dress is pretty simple and sober.

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Vicki said...

Totes agree with you babe! And Kirsten and Cara's makeup looks where 2 of my favs from that night!! :))) xxx