Sunday, May 12, 2013

[2XMODELS] Tomás Guarracino


Name: Tomás Guarracino
Date of birth: 03/06/1990
Nationality: Argentinian
How did you start modeling? I started modeling because I was scouted while I was walking on the street!
Favorite brand/designer or any reference in the fashion industry? Hermes and Givenchy.

(Walking for Givenchy and Hermés)

(Walking for D&G and Gucci)

(Walking for Ermenegildo Zegna, Mugler, Emporio Armani and Michael Kors)

Do you have any special care with your body and nutrition? I’m very careful with my nutrition, especially with alcoholic drinks. I don’t drink. I also take care of myself by practicing sports and going to the gym frequently.
Any superstitions? I don’t have any superstitions.
What do you like the most about modeling? I like to travel a lot, visit new countries and meet different people and different cultures.
What do you like the most about you? I like the fact that I’m really athletic, honest and very responsible.

What was the last dream you remember? I remember a dream where I was with friends playing soccer with Messi at the beach, when in reality I was supposed to wake up at 6am and go to work.
If you could meet one person, dead or alive, who would that be? If I could meet someone it would be Lionel Messi, Gaudí and Michael Jackson.
Favorite movie? The Pianist.
What songs are playing on your iPod at the moment? Above & Beyond “Sea Lo Que Sea Será”.

(Photographed by Frederico Martins for DSECTION Magazine)

Favorite book? “The Portrait of Dorian Gray” by Oscar Wilde.
Favorite drink? Mojito.
Favorite dish? Milanesa napolitana with baked potates.
What annoys you the most? When someone’s late for an appointment.
If a genie gave you three wishes what would they be?
1) Live in a big house near the beach with my own boat
2) Be a Barcelona football player
3) Go to the moon

The most beautiful place you’ve been? Capo di Vaticano, Italy.
You can’t live without…? My family, dogs, sports and excellent food.
The worst misconception about models? That they are all day talking about work even when you’re at the beach relaxing or at a birthday party having fun, always talking about it.
Tell me something most people don’t know about you: I am a funny friendly boy, very honest, a sports lover and always trying to transmit positive vibes.

(Dolce & Gabbana lookbook)

One thing you want to do before you're 30: I would like to have two sons and throw a big wedding party with all my people.
You're obsessed about...: Having good healthy food and play sports whenever I can.
What do you want to accomplish as a model? Work hard in order to have enough money to buy few properties at the beach!

Thank you Tomas for your kind answers, wish you the best, and thank you to Nelly Gonçalves for helping me! :)
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Great interview! Tomas has become far in the industry.
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