Saturday, September 8, 2012

What's up Memory Lane?!?

A couple of days ago I decided to share on my personal facebook account some of the songs I used to hear back in the day. It ended up creating some kind of Classic's list that I wanna share with all of you. I had so much fun doing it... now you just have to shake yo ass!


Defining pop culture moment. That's how I can describe this song. Miss Spears was at her best and this was totally the most orgasmic moment of her career. No one will EVER be this sexy! She slays all your faves' entire discography. #DealWithIt #Edgy #Slave4U


Whoever says that doesn't remember this classic is probably a BIG FAT liar. Aguilera goes hardcore! Definitely a trashy anthem. Hawt! #Dirrty


When I come to the club step aside... BEST LINE EVER! Fergie Ferg slays hard with this uh-mazing tune ♥ it never gets old!


I know she's the definition of FLOP, so you don't have to remind me of that. Nicole Flopzinger (the only girl who sang in that supposedly girlband The Pussycat Dolls) decided to go solo... she recorded an album that never saw the light of day. Too bad because the first single of that project was REALLY DOPE... "Whatever U Like" had a sick infectious beat and I had countless eargasms with this. Besides, she's SEXY as hell.


"Milkshake" by Kelis is one of the most iconic songs ever. It was produced by The Neptunes and I couldn't ignore this shameless sexual innuendo banger. Kelis can werk that curly weave and that booty while tasting her creamy beverage. #Sexay #Timeless #SnatchingWigs 
Now it's time to go check your backyard...


"Freeek!" is the most underrated song of all time. Sir. George Michael built a pervert and surreal universe full of criticism and fetishes. The visuals are FIERCE TO THE SECOND POWER, I mean just look at that red latex jumpsuit, dog women/sex slaves metaphor, futuristic almost-apocalyptic society. No one will beat this genius concept. It was too much for the little minds out there. #Worship


She's probably dead by now but idc... ma gurl Michelle Branch was one of the best musicians of the early 2000's. "Are You Happy Now?" was one of the songs that I could totally relate to. Too bad she disappeared down the rabbit hole :( someone bring her back, please! "Hotel Paper" album was f.l.a.w.l.e.s.s.


Avril 'Rebel-Skater-Pop-Rocker' Lavigne released the best tune of her hit and miss career. She's badass but she delivers some amazing lyrics in this one. Love her 'vulnerable turns into aggressive' side. She should focus on songwriting instead of fashion, that "Abbey Dawn" clothing line is hideous. 
*singing in the shower* Don't tryyyy to tell me what to do, don't tryyyy to tell me what to saaaayy...


Of course Justin Timberlake needed to be on my list. When JT and BritBrit broke up I stopped believing in love... however, he is so dope and he has so much swag that I ended up forgetting he was Britney's ex and I became a total stan. "Rock Your Body"is a proof that Justin dances like no one else, sings like ur faves wish they could and murders everyone's discography. I need to bow down to all of The Neptunes productions, they're top notch!


This list wouldn't be complete without a Diva with capital D, probably the queen of Divaland. "Say Somethin'" exploded my nonexistent ovaries. That's it! Mimo's hilarious poses in a Maserati, stalked by paparazzi in Paris is so f#cking iconic. Gurl know how to werk! What about Mariah's shopping scenes with André Leon Talley at Louis Vuitton? Epic alert! Miss Carey's golden trikini, sparkly Eiffel Tower scenario, Pharrell's classy presence, Snoop Dogg's verses... this song is just sublime. Try not to have an orgasm while watching/listening to this.

Share your classics list with me too!!! :))


crónicas da vida said...

Nicole Nicole, i think she's the sexiest woman on heart.
E sim, ela chegou a lançar o albúm no ano passado e é bastante bom. Ouvir para crer.

Marta Pinto de Miranda said...

Adorei Zé! O que eu já dancei :)


Joana de Sousa said...

autênticos classicos que já nos fizeram abanar bem o rabiosque hahah :)

JS photography

Joana Félix said...

adoro essa música da Aguilera, nunca cansa.
kiss, J.