Sunday, September 30, 2012

Dreaming the same dream

My non-existent ovaries exploded with so much information about one of my idols and the king of male models: Sean O'Pry. It's the trillionth time I do a post about him but honestly idc if you like it or not because I do. He's part of fashion royalty and everything he does becomes iconic. I really appreciate his simplicity, that's what makes everything seem so natural. His campaigns and editorials are beyond incredible not only because of his perfectly structured face but also because of his immaculate-classy-with-a-rebel-twist posture. One of the things I appreciate the most is seeing Sean in movement that's why I'm sharing two videos.

For the Armani Jeans Fall/Winter 2012/13 campaign video, Sean O'Pry was captured alongside Bambi Northwood Blyth. Takai Takemoto filmed it in black & white and I loved the result. It's really cool because both models are "locked in their respective rooms, which are almost totally unfurnished, surrounded by the walls of a space that is probably just a mental projection. The two protagonists imagine themselves on a stage, like the rockstars they love and imitate. The camera follows their movements, oblivious of being observed Bambi and Sean fully live their own fantasy, believing that reality is a product of the imagination. Because Armani Jeans embodies dream, fun, dynamism and freedom."

Now I bring you the behind the scenes video of a photoshoot Sean did for A Man of the World Magazine. It's again in black & white, it has an iconic strong masculine feel and was filmed by Derek Johnson. Really love all the scenes, specially the one when God O'Pry is blowing a piece of burning paper. Speechless!

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