Saturday, September 15, 2012

Your faves just got slayed!

HOLY SH*T! Jeremy Scott just shut it down. I can't even express myself about this Spring/Summer collection for 2013. It's so damn good. So damn epic. So damn glorious. Jeremy Scott is that kind of designer that always pushes the envelope. He plays with concepts and fabrics turning his creations into some kind of iconic pop collection. It's bold, bright and delicious. Look at those amazing patterned fabrics. Love the shirts with the caps and shorts... what about those black shiny boots with padlocks? Oh my dog! Totally want them.

Jeremy Scott's collections are always vibrant, he plays with certain elements like no one else does in the industry, he's subversive and I would name him the Marcel Duchamp of fashion, not only because Jeremy challenges conventional thoughts, but also because he brings specific references to his pieces (Bart SimpsonSnickersTeddy BearsGoogle, paint and computers and so on). This time he brought a controversial theme: the Arab Spring, using outlandish patterned scarves and burqas for women. Absolutely edgy. I can see some vintage Versace inspiration there, a little bit of ghetto glam mixed with islamic symbolism. Over the top! People might hate on Jeremy Scott but he's still amazing anyway, so I'm gonna end this post quoting him. That's all.
People are living their lives in fear. And that’s sad. People need to let go of their fears and just do what they want to. Like who cares if they want to dress like that and you want to dress like this. What the fuck does that have to do with you? That’s why people freak out about the things I make. They look at my work and wonder who would wear it. Well, why do you care? If you want to dress like a boring motherfucker I don’t get up in arms like, ‘’Oh my god, you wore a T-shirt and jeans. Wow, what the fuck. You fucking crazy motherfucker!” No, I don’t care. I just walk on by. It doesn’t bother me, so why does it bother you? Who cares?” - JEREMY SCOTT

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