Monday, November 4, 2013

Choies wishlist

Thanks to my online researches I'm always finding some cool shopping websites with the most amazing pieces. CHOIES is one of them and my most recent discovery! Basically I found everything I like: edgy and unique pieces, affordable prices and free shipping. I couldn't ask for more honestly :)
Well, after checking all the clothes on CHOIES I decided to pick my favorite ones. Here they are... hope you like it! 

I'm in love with this wine red heart pattern sweater. It's so adorable and perfectly warm for winter. :) I need this in my closet as soon as possible. You can buy it here, and it's available in black as well.

 Even though it's fall/winter season, I always love to have my closet full of t-shirts... because it's so casual and comfortable, I can wear it with a cardigan and a leather jacket and I'm ready to go. I loved this vibrant t-shirt with a religious print. You can buy it here and it's unisex. :)

Ahahaha this sweatshirt with eyes all over it is simply amazing. I love the fact that it's so over the top. You can match it with a pair of jeans and a black snapback for example. It's a very different piece from everything you see in clothing stores, that's why I like it. It's almost like you have an exclusive item. Check it out here, in case you wanna buy it.

These sweaters with stars all around the neckline are a must-have. I love them all, they're so simple yet so different. They're bold and if I had one I would wear it every single day with shirts for a more classic look or with ripped jeans and sneakers to look more effortlessly cool. You can buy the black one here, the grey one here and the red one here

Well, explore CHOIES website... it has clothes for men and women and don't blame me if you spend all your money there. Ahahah I just had to share this! :)

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