Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Sunnies 4 the winter season

Y'all know how much I love sunglasses, right?! It's totally one of my must-have accessories. I can't leave the house without them.
Even though most of my sunnies are very timeless, like my RayBan collection (Wayfarer, Clubmaster, etc), I also have the trendy ones too, usually more colorful. Anyway, I'm always researching about new models and I just found these two I fell in love with, they're perfect for the Winter season that's coming... get ready to cry in 3, 2, 1...

Aren't these Versace babies the most perfect sunnies you've ever seen? I'm in love, they're so classy with that golden Medusa detail. I want them as soon as possible. #MyEyesAreReady 

What about these Jean Paul Gaultier sunglasses? I love them... first of all because I'm obsessed with golden things, second of all because I love round lenses and third because I love all of the details with that twisted metal on the side. #TooCool4Skool ahah

All I can do is dream... #BrokeWithExpensiveTaste

1 comment:

Samiya Cusman said...

The Versace one is PERFECT!!
And I like the detailing of JPG one!