Saturday, September 7, 2013

NYFW: Michael Bastian SS14

New York Fashion Week is happening as we speak and there was one specific fashion show that caught my eye: Michael Bastian's Spring/Summer 2014 menswear. I've been a Michael Bastian fan since ever. I do not only love his eponymous label, but also his work for Gant. He's a very conscious designer and knows exactly what's current and what costumers desire. Basically, Michael's contemporary sense of chic is all over his SS14 line.

The inspiration came from french movies like "The Red Balloon" (1956) and "The Dreamers" (2003) and then it evolved into a wider general idea of Paris, french guys and their very own sense of style.

“The inspiration initially came from observing the French guys in my life, as well as movies such as The Red Balloon, The Dreamers, and the classic movies of Jacques Tati. I also drew inspiration from the incredible spirit and joyfulness of the late American designer Patrick Kelly - no one loved Paris more than he did. I often think the true essence of a place can only be reflected through the eyes and experiences of an outsider, and for me, Patrick's vision of Paris -- bright, romantic, frenetic, sexy and chic -- is the one that stays with me. (...) And I became obsessed with this beach they create in Paris called the Paris Plage, where they just make a fake beach on the Seine for one month a year. So there's this fantasy guy we have: He's a banker during the day, but then he hops on his scooter, drives to the beach, takes his suit off, and falls down onto the beach. How crazy to do that, in a city like Paris?" - said Michael Bastian

This concept took form in laid-back classic looks, casual and fresh, chic but sporty. Everything's so wearable and modern. Any man would love to rock one of these looks, I'm sure! Plus, there's also the fun intelligent elements: pineapple and colored cheetah prints, a clever social media reference with "Follow Me" patches on sweaters, bandana scarves. To top it all the signature Michael Bastian pieces like rugby polos and cropped shorts. To be honest, I'm in love with this neo-dandy allure that the American designer created. I want everything in my closet!!! What about the styling of the fashion show? It's uh-mazinggggg! 

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Diogo Marques said...

Looks ousados, mas com pormenores muito interessantes!