Tuesday, June 18, 2013

London Fashion Week | SS14 Menswear

London Fashion Week is almost over and I just selected my favorite looks from two collections I really wanted to see: Burberry Prorsum and Katie Eary. Can't wait to see some other Spring/Summer 2014 collections. :)


Burberry Prorsum will always be a favorite of mine, I have to admit. After some years in Milan, Burberry is finally back in London. Christopher Bailey didn't overcome his perfect SS13 collection of metallic fabrics. However, the creative director of the British brand did a good job with a cool laid-back line for 2014's Summer season. Everything's very wearable and colorful. Stripes, polka dots and other prints. Color range from red and blue to green and yellow. Overall, Burberry's classic imprint is present and there's this very posh vibe, I can imagine a prototype of a man that lives near the beach and loves to sail. Somehow I can see a little bit of Gant and Ralph Lauren in this collection. Besides, Bailey said that poets and writers were his main inspiration to design. Burberry's typical skinny cigarette pants are now relaxed and a little baggy, eyewear looks very avant-garde and we also have boat shoes. It didn't wow me but it's impossible for me to say I don't like it, because I do and I would definitely wear a lot of pieces.


Oh my God! You all know by now that I've been obsessed with Katie Eary's collections for quite a while. Her prints and concepts are always so fresh and iconic, I can't resist. This time, the designer's inspiration was probably Africa because of all the prints she used: cheetah and flamingos everywhere. Warm colors, mainly coral and orange, are the core of super cool pieces. Everything's very simple, from shorts, to pants, shirts, t-shirts, sweaters and hoodies, but the most attractive aspect is the graphic visual impact of the prints when they come altogether as a full look. I love it. So soooooo much. I would do anything to have a piece from one of Katie Eary's collections. SS14 is very effervescent and cool. Not just cool, extremely cool. Outrageously cool!!! In fact, it's urban couture. And let's just have a moment of silence for the Nike footwear that goes perfectly with the whole line! 
Wanna know the hot gossip? Well, it seems like Kanye West saw Katie Eary's out-of-this-world potential and he's now collaborating with her on his defunct fashion line. (Remember when Kanye used to be a designer?! LOL ikr?!) I'm looking forward to see the result of these two creative brains.

Meanwhile, we just have to cry while watching all this amazing collection, 
wishing everything could be living in our closets.

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Anonymous said...

I NEED the Nike sneakers! Are they gonna be for sale?