Friday, June 7, 2013

[2XMODELS] Alexandre Cunha


Name: Alexandre Ribeiro Xavier Cunha
Date of birth: 09/06/1987
Nationality: Brazilian
How did you start modeling? I was invited a couple of times on the streets and after two model girls invited me, in different occasions, in the same line bus in my city, I found that too much coincidence. Then I went there to check it out.

(Walking for Giorgio Armani, Roberto Cavalli and D&G)

(Walking for Hermés and John Varvatos)

(Walking for Dirk Bikkembergs, Bottega Veneta, Dolce & Gabbana and John Galliano)

Favorite brand/designer or any reference in the fashion industry? My favorite designer is the one that trust me to represent their brand. My references are basically street wear and boards. 
Do you have any special care with your body and nutrition? I love football, bike and sometimes I do gym too. I eat well cause since very very young age, back home, my mom always influenced me to eat good food. However, I was fat all my childhood because I used to eat a lot but also did a lot of sports.
Any superstitions? No. I trust in god that is inside each one of us.
What do you like the most about modeling? Being able to learn deeply many different cultures.

(Emporio Armani FW13 campaign / Emporio Armani stylesport Spring 2013 campaign)

(Just Cavalli campaign)

What do you like the most about you? My focus, when things have to be done.
What was the last dream you remember? I will always remember one that I had when I was a kid, two nights in a row, that I was flying like a superman with my father by my side.
If you could meet one person, dead or alive, who would that be? Bob Marley
Favorite movie? "The Green Mile (À Espera de um Milagre)"

What songs are playing on your iPod at the moment? Nicolas Jaar 
Favorite book? "Subconscious Mind", "The Power of Now", "The Celestine Prophecy" by James Redfield
Favorite drink? Coffee
Favorite dish? Japanese food. 
What annoys you the most? Rudeness

If a genie gave you three wishes what would they be? Love all around us, health around me and peace of mind everyday.
The most beautiful place you’ve been? Morro de São Paulo, Bahia, Brazil
Guilty pleasure? The fifth coffee of the day
You can’t live without…? My friends
The worst misconception about models? That we are dumb and that we don't work

Tell me something most of the people don’t know about you: I was fat all my childhood 
One thing you want to do before you're 30: Start to learn more about acting or any other thing that interest me at the time. 
Currently you're obsessed about: My girl
What do you want to accomplish as a model? I want to keep this feeling of doing my best in every job i do.

I wanna thank Alexandre Cunha for taking the time to answer my questions and Nelly Gonçalves for making it happen.
You can follow him on twitter here, on instagram here and his facebook page here.


Samiya Cusman said...

I love your blog and facebookpage!
The interviews and questions you have are great.
By that you kinda get to know the models.
I have noticed that the biggest misconception about models is that they're stupid, I hate that!
Btw, it would be handy if had a search bar. Because I wanted to search for all of your interviews, but then I need to go trough the archives..

Love the blog!!


terron said...

Absolutely perfect, LOVE this interview!