Thursday, December 6, 2012

Victoria's Secret Fashion Show 2012 review

As most of you may know, I'm a HUGE Cara Delevingne stan. I was hyped about this Victoria's Secret Fashion Show since the moment I knew that she was going to be in it. However, when I discovered that she only had 1 look I felt really disappointed but rooted for her to have a glorious moment on the VS runway. Yesterday, I saw the whole show and I'm absolutely devastated since they cut her catwalk and only showed like a nanosecond of her. I'm in shock, how could they???? She's flawless. Oh well... anyway I decided to review the VS fashion show around Cara's majestic presence in the background or in the promo videos they showed between the segments. At least she had a couple of frames. Some screencaps, paint drawings, gifs and funny notes... hope you like it!

I feel so ashamed because of Bruno Mars' height, I mean... I laugh all the time, he should've stayed in his mini stage instead of walking with those tall lean perfect VS angels.

Well, Alessandra Ambrosio is gorgeous and stuff but Cara Delevingne and her "WTF" face in the background totally steal the show. #DealWithIt #AdmitIt #UrFavesCouldNever 

 During this backstage footage, Cara is clearly the queen... for me it was like the "Where's Waldo?" books.
I just wanted to find her!!!!!

Look how adorable Cara Delevingne is in this promo video for the Victoria's Secret Pink line
There's so epicness even when she's entering in a photobooth. 

Well, enough said. No one's relevant hereeee... 
I just felt sorry for that poor blonde girl in the back trying her best to be part of the picture.

Cara Delevingne and her minions.

Justin Bieber's moment... he was clearly missing the 'spot'.
Cara Delevigne was about to slay all your faves in her cute little outfit.

We see Cara entering the runway like a queen...
I was expecting to see her killin' it...

Suddenly there's only Cara Delevingne's belly on the screen... 
and I was like "I WANNA SEE HER WALKING RIGHT NOW!" - totally furious.

Instead of showing Cara, they show those old angels dancing to Bieber's song backstage... they totally ignored Cara Delevingne's debut and then showed her on a random screen. This was so unfair. I mean, WTF were they thinking??????????

Finally there was like half a second of Cara easily slaying her competition. 
The climax of the show in my opinion. #Flawless #Stunning

Backstage again... the domination continues.

A random funny moment when Rihanna ignored Adriana Lima... and danced a bit with Behati Prinsloo.
 Adriana Lima is getting old and this was probably her last show... we need new angels tbh!!!

 Well and then the show ended, Cara Delevingne partied and I honestly didn't care about the rest.

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Ivam Kent said...

i loved this post? i thought i was the only one who got MAD, ANGRY, FURIOUS, because they only showed Cara, for two seconds SO ANNOYING hopefully she walks next year