Tuesday, October 30, 2012

[2XMODELS] Helge Gjerstad

He's blonde with blue eyes and he walked for a lot of fashion houses. Wanna know a little more about this athletic male model with 1,88m? He answered some quick answers so that we can know a little bit about his personal tastes. Let's see...


Name: Helge Gjerstad

Date of birth: 11/07/1984

Nationality: Norwegian
When did you start modeling? In 2007

Favorite brand/designer? Ralph Lauren

(Walking for Michael Kors, Boss Orange, Emporio Armani and Michael Bastian)

(Walking for Lacoste, D&G, Emanuel Ungaro and Michael Bastian)

How often do you go to the gym? 3-4 times a week
How’s your nutrition? I eat healthy, but got a sweet-tooth
What do you like the most about you? That I’m always myself!

If you could meet one person, dead or alive, who would that be? Marvin Gaye

(For Parke & Ronen)

Favorite movie? "The Godfather" (All mafia movies!!)
What’s playing on your iPod at the moment? Frank Ocean
Favorite dish? Mexican food
What annoys you the most? Complaining
If a genie gave you three wishes what would they be?
1. Meet Marvin Gaye
2. Grow up in the 60s
3. To have a singing voice

The most beautiful place you’ve been? Turks & Caicos islands
Guilty pleasure? Chocolate
You can’t live without…? Sports
The worst misconception about models? Don’t generalize because we are not all the same.
Favorite drink? Whiskey

Sweet, spicy or salty? Sweet and spicy
Favorite book? Marvin Gaye bio
Favorite painting? “The Scream” by Edvard Munch
What do you want to accomplish as a model? Work as much as I can and make money $$

I wanna thank Helge for collaborating with me by answering this short answer interview.
You can follow him on instagram: helgegjerstad or twitter @helgegjerstad


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