Tuesday, October 2, 2012

[2XMODELS] Jace Moody

He loves Italian food, football is one of his hobbies and if he could describe himself with one word it would be "professional". He's been modeling since the end of 2011 and has already been on the pages of GQ and Hero Magazine, among others. Let's know a little more about this fresh new face...


Name: Jace Moody
Date of birth: 15th July 1990
Nationality: British
How did you start modeling? I was recommended to an agency in London by model booker Chris Forberg
Favorite brand/designer? I wear a lot of Zara at the moment

Who is your biggest inspiration? My Dad
How often do you go to the gym? 3/4 times per week
How’s your nutrition? I do eat healthy but I’m not obsessive, if I want a cookie I will eat a cookie....or 3 haha
What do you like the most about you? I always want to do better...all the time 
Guilty pleasure? Chocolate and Cakes, Chocolate Cakes haha

(Walking for Christopher Shannon)

If you could meet one person, dead or alive, who would that be? Johnny Depp
Favorite movie? “Catch me if you can”
What’s playing on your iPod? A broad range of music from Jay Z, Kanye West to Elvis and Tony Bennett - there is some Cheryl Cole on here also
Favorite dish? I love Pasta! 
Favorite drink? hmmm Beer ? nooo I’ll say Coffee 
Sweet, spicy or salty? Sweet for sure 

If a genie gave you three wishes what would they be?

1. Health for my family 

2. For the finances to be able to treat my friends and family when ever I want. 

3. To book a fragrance campaign 
What annoys you the most? Rude people
The most beautiful place you’ve been? Mexico when I was younger
You can’t live without…? My phone!!
What do you want to accomplish as a model? To work with prestigious brands on campaigns that are iconic and inspirational.

I wanna thank Jace for promptly answer my questions and being really kind and pleasant. Hope to see him in a future men fragrance campaign! :)
Don't forget to follow him on twitter: @jace_moody and instagram: jace_moody


Unknown said...

continua... estas a fazer um excelente trabalho! :)

Jess said...

He's gorgeous beautiful lips i predict big things for him