Saturday, January 22, 2011

Let me introduce you... an artist that goes by the name of Benjamin Lacombe. He's a french illustrator and I just can't describe his work with words, because I simply adore everything. You should write down his name because I'm telling you will want to remember him later, for sure. Benjamin's drawings and illustrarions go beyond anything you can imagine. His technique along with the signification he gives to the characters he creates is absolutely stunning, sleek and perfect. There are metaphors and emotions in every colour, in every detail. I hope I can have one of his illustrations in my room's wall, because right now he's one of my favourite contemporary artists and I think his potential is just infinite. I'm posting some of his illustrations for you to see what I'm talking about. Don't forget to like his facebook page or visit his blog.

"Let's do the revolution", 2008

"The Pin's forest", 2009

"Félicie Tronc" from the book "Grimoire de Sorcières", 2008

"Mary & Anny" from the book "Grimoire de Sorcières", 2008

"The Widow"

From the book "L'enfant Silence", 2008

"The death's corset" from the book "Blanche Neige", 2010

"Eat me, drink me", 2008

Images © Benjamin Lacombe


Anonymous said...

brutal, adorei!

Carolina Flores said...

faz me lembrar mark ryden!!!! deves gostar também!

suddenly twenty said...


Z. said...

sim carolina, também conheço o Mark Ryden e obviamente adoro. um dia destes faço um post sobre ele no blog ;)

Nádia said...

Que trabalho mais FENOMENAL!!! ADOREI!!! Perturbador, satírico, divinal!!!

Nobre Sandra said...

Wow! Não conhecia, é muito bom mesmo!

Anonymous said...

Aconselho vivamente que vejas o trabalho de Ray Caesar. Aliás, alguns desses trabalhos assemelham-se muito aos dele, com a diferença de que os do Ray Caesar são mais complexos, detalhados e viscerais.