Monday, April 11, 2011

Your smile said you were feeling me too cause when your lips met mine I finally got it right

(Sara Blomqvist & Jeremy Young photographed by Andreas Öhlund for Stockholm)

Why am I mad? I don't get it... It seems like every time you give me signs and I miss it. I did it again, I admit it, I left you standing there and now I regret it.
Seems like every time I get the chance, I lose my cool and I blow it and I get all tongue tied lost in your eyes... I'm a fool and I know it!
I should've kissed you, I should've told you, told you just how I feel.


Luisa T. said...

a fotografia esta perfeita :)

Unknown said...

Como eu sou louca por este tipo de fotografias..
Está perfeita ;)


Unknown said...

gosto do retrato :)

Carolina Flores said...

oh gosto tanto desta fotografia...fico deliciada quando os homens pegam assim nas caras das mulheres!

MafaldaMacedo said...

Love is in the air? *

HARAJUKU said...

lovely pic! adorei!