Monday, October 28, 2013

We can't stop: the photoshoot

Hello everyone! I want to share with all of you one of my recent works that kept me busy for the last couple of weeks. Me and my friend Diogo Santos, who happens to be a great photographer, started chatting about doing a photoshoot again. This time it would be a bigger one, so we chose two new faces from Elite Lisbon, that were finalists in the Elite Model Look contest: Jessica Cruz and Philip Luz. Finally, my dear friend Vicki Marie Goulding jumped on board as the make up artist. After a facebook brainstorming session, we knew we had the same vision in terms of aesthetic and concept.

Thanks to Press Club and Triângulo das Bermudas, I did the styling of the photo shoot, plus I added some other pieces that I will credit later. I tried to create several looks: a relaxed one, a flirty one, a classy one, a sexy one, an edgy one... and the models were incredible during the whole process. Me, Diogo and Vicki decided the whole 'art direction' and models body language, so that they could loose themselves a little bit.

First of all, this editorial starts with a cute romantic-comedy-ish kind of pictures. Jessica is wearing a sweater with pills print from SHELFIES, an amazing Canadian brand with great funny pieces - you can check them all here. Philip wore SALSA jeans and a LEVI'S shirt. They're very laid-back, sexy, comfy and it's one of my favorite sections of the shooting.

Philip by himself wore a total look from LEVI'S and we tried to capture him in a clean, simple way. He has a very exotic face and an extremely lean body that were the main focus in these shots. I might say some pictures look like a LEVI'S ad campaign, don't you agree?

Now let's go back to Jessica. In this grungy-ish look she's wearing an amazing BILLABONG tee saying "Never Let Me Go" and a reversible pair of LEVI'S jeans. She remembered me of a rock band groupie or something, her straightened hair and those amazing smoky eyes helped to create the ambience.

The 'couple pictures' look incredible as well. They look very classy and somehow sexual. Jessica is wearing an amazing SALSA jacket with leather details, a sophisticated NÃOSÓROUPA necklace, NUNO VELEZ trousers and AQUAZZURA heels. I tried to play a little bit colors mixing shades of purple, green, white and black, plus her squared pants opposed to his squared shirt.
Philip is sporting a HACKETT LONDON shirt and pants, puls a PRADA cardigan. They both seem very libidinous... what about Jessica's make up? So sexy!

Now Jessica all alone, wears a black blazer from YVES SAINT LAURENT with transparent plastic details on both sides. I opted for a very sleek and elegant silhouette. Shockingly beautiful.

Towards the end, Philip looks like an art dealer at a lost gallery somewhere in Brooklyn. He wears a classy look from HACKETT LONDON (including shirt, pullover, trousers) and a JIL SANDER coat. I must say that I absolutely love the green sweater with those little dogs all over it, it's definitely an important detail.

Finally, we ended the photo shoot with Jessica wearing a fierce metallic look. I paired this ZARA perfecto with an amazing oversized ASOS tee. Her eyes were very penetrating to match her confident attitude. She's here to slay. 

I had so much fun working with Diogo, Vicki, Jessica and Philip. We are an amazing team and I think we all loved the result. From more than 200 pictures, we had the super difficult task of choosing only 36. Overall, it captures the vibrant essence of the team work. Everything came along pretty good and we're very satisfied. Hope you all like it as much as we do! :)

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Soon I will post some backstage pictures so that you can all see what happens behind the scenes. Stay tuned!

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