Saturday, June 22, 2013

Donatella Versace slays Milan


I'm biased because I love Versace's philosophy and I totally worship Donatella. However, I can't help myself and I need to talk about the Spring/Summer 2014 collection presented during Milan Fashion Week.
Color!!! As soon as I saw those bright colors on the runway I was hyped... and I wasn't disappointed for sure. Donatella created a fresh line with appealing looks and edgy silhouettes... there's a little bit of everything: classy suits that are beautifully tailored, some of them with shorts; leather jackets (OMG!!! It wasn't a Versace collection without leather. Loved them all!); colorful sweaters and neon-rainbow bleached garments. There's only one element missing in my opinion, I wish I could see a little more baroque Versace-ish prints. Anyway, it's all so cohesive (loved the kinesio tape detail!) and trendy and desirable. I'm totally feeling this effervescent vibe for next year's hot season. Now enjoy some of my favorite looks and pieces.

The models were amazing as well, Edward Wilding, Ryan Barrett, Christopher Bunn, Tyler Rix, Jake Schultz, Henry Watkins, Andreas Eriksen, Veit Couturier, Kacey Carrig, Tyler Maher and so on. Great casting!!! :)


Samiya Cusman said...

Indeed great casting!
The collection is perfect!!
I love the baroque detailing on the suits and all those prints!

Luís said...

dás-me a conhecer coisas tão fuc*ing PRETTY and GORGEOUS!

Ai, eu babo-me com estas novas clothes da versace1!