Monday, December 24, 2012

Welcome to Athens

What a great Christmas present! Versace unveiled its Spring/Summer 2013 campaign with supermodel Kate Moss and industry icons like Joan Smalls and Daria Webrowy. The ambience of these pictures reminds me Mount Olympus and models are greek gods. The masculine faces present are Edward Wilding, Kacey Carring and Veit Couturier
The whole campaign was shot by magnificent duo Mert & Marcus featuring Gladiatorial and Hellenic styles. Lord praise Donatella for bringing back the glamour and fierceness of 90's Versace! I'm just bored by Kate Moss, in my opinion it's not her time anymore. She's still beautiful and iconic but her 'celebrity status' overshadows everything else. Anyway, still an impeccable campaign.

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amo said...

nice pics
great campain