Saturday, February 9, 2013

Versace bling bling

You all know I'm obsessed with Versace... and sometimes I feel like this is almost a fansite, but it's not, I swear. However, the Italian fashion house is so fascinating that I feel this urge to talk about this or that. And believe me when I say there's ALWAYS something about Versace to talk about.

Recently, I discovered the Spring/Summer 2013 accessories collection. I'm not a man of rings and bracelets... in fact I only wear a watch and nothing else. The only accessory I have is a Versace for H&M necklace that I use once in a while, mainly during Summer, but I've been looking for a ring too, just like the ones Tobias Sorensen use (see here). Unfortunately I've never found it... till now! When I paid attention to Versace's details, it gave me goosebumps. It is EVERYTHING I need and want. From the iconic Versace Medusa ring, to a bracelet, necklaces and tie clip. UGH!!!! SOOOOO GOOD! My body is totally ready.

I ran to the online shopping site but the rings were sold out already... and they were 120€, I guess. Not cheap, but not as expensive as I thought they were. :'( Now all I can do is cry while watching these amazing beauties...
Since I still wanna feel depressed I did a collage of some details from the Spring/Summer 2013 fashion show so that I can look at them and cry a little bit more. If only Donatella could send me a little gift...  I would be the happiest boy alive!

One of the most well known fans of Versace is the one and only Chris Brown... he not only wears clothes but also uses accessories like chains, rings and sunglasses. Everything Versace! That's why he's so stylish and one of my favorite celebrities. Love his daring fashion sense (and, of course, his music!).

I'm in tears, devastated... cruel world!!!


Anonymous said...

a pulseira é soberba!

Beatriz Mariano said...

love your blog!
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